Top 3 Soft side and Hard shell suitcases

In this blog we've put together a top 3 for both soft side and hard shell suitcases form our inventory.

This is only a top 3 made from our personal preferances. 

lMany people come to our store with the idea 'to quickly buy a suitcase'. Although this seems like an easy task, in many occasions it is much more complicated than initially expected. Often peolpe don't know the pro's and cons of certain materials, sizes and different versions.

Luckily our employees have extensive product knowledge which helps them to fully inform the customer. Once all information is received they have a better judgement tho their own preference.

Lightweight or something a little heavier but more luxyrious and more comfort? A suitcase with one big compartement or two same sized sides? Hard shell or soft side? These are all choices only you can make. Whichever has your preference, there are a lot of possibilities.

Soft side

Number 3 - Samsonite X'Blade

The X'Blade is a very complete case for both business or pleasure trips. It has a wet-compartiment on the insde and 2 front pockets on the outside. All zippers can be closed with just one lock. The X'Blade has double spinner wheels.

Number 2 - Victorinox Werks

The Werks is one of the few suitcases with Mitsubishi Hinomoto wheels, the best available. These wheels keep turning for a longer period of time which makes rolling very supple and effortless. The material this case is made of is Ballistic Nylon, this gives the case a longer lifespan than other Nylon and makes cleaning it easier.

Number 1 - Tumi Alpha

Tumi's Alpha series is our nr. 1 choise for the softside suitcases. Tumi stands for quality, solidity and practicality. The Ballistic Nylon is treated with Teflon which makes the fabric stronger and keeps off dirt. It also makes that the fabric can't be torn. The ball bearing double spinner wheels are one of the best. Expanding the size of the Alpha is the only one in it's kind, it can expand to multiple levels and thickness. This is ideal for different kinds of trips.

Hard shell

Number 3 - Samsonite Litebox

The litebox is made of the revolutionairy Curv material which is extremely strong and lightweight. It has double spinner wheels which encrease the comfort while strolling with it. The inside is very simple to keep the weight to a minimal.

Number 2 - Bric's Venezia

The Venezia is a sturdy case. The squared shape gives it more space inside, unlike to the more round shaped cases. The ball bearing double spinner wheels give this case even more comfort to make rolling it while packed effortless. The reimbursed corners protect the most vulnerable parts of the case.

Number 3 - Tumi Latitude

The Latitude is our favorite case among the hard shells. The very strong SRPP Ballistic material, silent ball bearing double spinner wheels and reimbursed corners make this case almost indistructable. It might be a little heavier than numbers 2 and 3 but the overall look, comfort and design makes it worth it.

In our next blog we will expand on the different materials and wheels, what they are made of and their pro's and cons. Keep a lookout on our social media and website fso you won't miss it.