Shopping during it still fun?

Shopping during it still fun?

Ofcourse this question demands a personal answer but if you ask us our answer is: Yes, shopping can still be fun during corona,

Shopping online can come in handy but some products need to be seen, held and fitted.

Pictures don't always show us how big a pocket in a bag is or how many compartments a suitcase has. And feeling the difference between rolling a suitcase with 4 or 8 wheels is just plain impossible online.

For this you'll have to go to the store and experience it. And thát is fun!

In our spacious store we have enough room to keep the 6ft / 1,5m distance. The ground floor where you'll find our collection of ladies handbags and small leathergoods, measures 80m2.

The basement where you can find our collection suitcases adds another 180m2 to the total of 260m2 of our shop. This makes up for more than enough space to shop safe and sound by yourself or with someone from your household.

Are you looking for a new purse for the summer or maybe you're thinking ahead about your next trip after corona?

We offer a wide variety of handbags, business bags, small leather goods and travelgoods. We also have juwelboxes, nail trimming cases and belts.

Whatever you might look for, our employees will gladly help you and give you all the time you need, even in this somewhat weird time. And they'll keep 6ft distance.

How travelling will look like it the future and when we are allowed to go on a well deserved holiday we don't know, but we have faith that at some point we can make our dream vacation reality or go on a fun city trip with loved ones and friends.

Maybe you'll need a new suitcase for future travels. This would be an excellent time to gather all the information you need about quality, size and comfort of the different brands we carry. We have all kinds off materials, colors, versions and comfort styles.

Our employees have the knowledge and expertise to answer all of your questions and give you information you might not even knew you needed.

What does all of this have to do with the question if shopping is still fun? To be honest, what is more fun than planning a trip or spoiling yourself with a new bag?